Posted on January 17, 2012 by Mr. Pickles

Two of the most aesthetically pleasing things combined in what is sure to make your life twice as counter-productive but three times as good.

By no means is this a new site, it has been around for years and constantly growing. The thing is every time I’m sitting around with mates enjoying a few beers with a laptop on the table sooner or later we find our self in the weird part of YouTube and then its time to move on. Depending on who I’m with sometimes I suggest this site, to my surprise and to be honest disgust, everyone I tell has not been aware of it. If this is you today, your life may never be the same.

The site is called Shriiimp. Don’t ask me why its called that, why its stylised with the stars or why it’s spelt with three ‘i’s’. None of those things are important. What is important you may ask? Well as the header for the site so simply states – Graffiti on G*rls. ‘NUFF SAID.

Here’s a few samples to get you started but no doubt you will be clicking next for at least a few hours.

Girls, I’m sorry. Guys, You’re welcome.

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