Posted on March 7, 2012 by OneEightKevin

What a sickunt.

Joshua Thompson is a simple man from Michigan who enjoys a good flick. However, his local AMC theatre set him off when they did not allow him to bring his own soda inside.

Instead of going home and crying like a little bitch, Thompson did the unthinkable – he filed a class action lawsuit against the theatre.

Thompson paid a hefty eight bucks for a beverage and a pack of “Goobers,” which is a significantly higher price than other retailers.

It is argued that the cinema has therefore violated the Michigan Consumer Protection Act, by charging excessively high prices for the snacks.

Although this lawsuit probably won’t get very far, you can sympathise with the dude. Back in the day I paid like seven bucks to see Jackass down at the Randwick Ritz. Good cinema.

Nowadays ticket prices are soaring well into the double figures. You’re almost spending all of your pocket money when you add this to the coinage you have to fork out for a frosty Coca-Cola, which is almost inevitable after all that salty popcorn.

No matter the outcome of this case, Mr. Thompson should be immortalised in a solid gold statue in the centre of Michigan. A true hero of the people.

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