Converse x Gorillaz – Chuck Taylor Launch Party

Posted on March 9, 2012 by ChuckTaylor

Last night, Converse had their Sydney launch of the ‘Gorillaz Chuck Taylor All-Star Collection’, and we went along to peep the new kicks in person.

As part of the Converse “3 Artists 1 Song” series, Gorillaz, Andre 3000 and James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem got together in London last September to kick out a wicked jam called “DoYaThing” which was appropriately accompanied by another brilliant Gorillaz video clip. As an added bonus for all the Chuck Taylor All Star fans out there, Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett did us all a solid and designed a few fresh takes on the classic shoe.

We went and celebrated the launch of these wonderful things last night at Luxe Studios. This consisted of standing around drinking and ogling the kicks in their glass cases trying to picture how cool we’d look with them on our feet. It was a good vibe. A pretty simple open layout with a bunch of Gorillaz art painted on the walls and the Chuck Taylor pride and joys bang in the middle of the floor in all their glory. Yes it would have been amazeballs if the Gorillaz showed up but that didn’t happen, I think I saw James Murphy floating around though.

I’m a massive fan of the song and considering how it and the shoe are intertwined I was expecting the track to have more of a presence at the party but I think the music just faded into the background of all the noise and aweseomeness of those kicks. The guys behind the 1′s and 2′s looked like they were enjoying the spins even though they were stuck in the corner of the room!

In all, a great night, amazing shoes (I’m going green camo!) and plenty of good people. Thanks Converse. Thanks Gorillaz.

Make sure you check out the video, and if you know what’s good, you can pick up your next pair of shoes here or at Glue from tomorrow.

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