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Arrest Warrant Issued for Gucci Mane

Posted on March 25, 2013 by Mr. Smith

The Trap God and all around good-guy wielded a champagne bottle (brand unknown), bringing about ten stitches worth of consequences.

It is alleged that on the night of March 16, Gucci hit James Lettley, 32, in the head with a champagne bottle. It is unclear why. The incident took place at Atlanta night spot Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge while Gucci Mane and his crew were celebrating the simultaneous release of TrapBack 2 and Gucci’s collab mixtape with Young Dolph, EastAtlantaMemphis.


Can you really put stitches in a man’s skull?

Lettley was celebrating his birthday when he approached a security guard, asking if it would be possible to get a picture with one of the most venerated rap artists of this modern era. As he was talking with the guard, it is alleged Mane smacked Lettley over the head with a champagne bottle. “I looked at him in a state of shock,” Lettley told media, “And I looked at him like, ‘Why?’”. An unidentified member of Mane’s entourage then answered by punching him in the face.

Lettley was taken to a local hospital, where he received ten stitches for his trouble. It is then alleged that Mane and crew fled the scene, possibly in a white Chevrolet Tahoe, which if we’re all honest, doesn’t have shit on an Escalade. Poor choice, Gucci Mane.

Chevrolet Tahoe

The poor man’s luxury SUV

This incident, while unfortunate, just goes to show that one does not simply approach a trap lord. We here at PRIMO! would never dream of trying to initiate a conversation with a distinguished rap artist, such as Gucci Mane, preferring instead to bask in his aura of ignorance and wealth. An arrest warrant for aggravated assault has been issued for Mane, adding to an extensive rap sheet of charges and convictions accumulated over the 33 year old’s career.

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  • cezwan

    This is the best article I have ever read. Gucci is the man.

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