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Posted on September 17, 2013 by Ladies&Gentleman

Last week we caught up with JONES Jnr for an interview to see what they have been up to with Soultape 2, their awesome name, and their recent tour with Fat Freddy Drop. 

L&G: What has been happening?

RJ: Well, we’ve been busy in our studio getting the Soultape 2 ready for the good people of earths ears. Then we hit the road with Fat Freddys Drop so we’ve been busy Jones’s.

For our readers out there who are not familiar with JONES Jnr., how did you guys get together? 

Morgs and I have known each other since we we’re little dudes with bright eyes floating round the misty days in the blue mountains. But we’ve never worked together until I jumped on Thundamentals ‘Like a Version’ for Triple J last year. It gave me a kick in the ass to get back into singing. Then we just started making a few little tunes. It was actually gonna be a DJ Morgs mixtape, but I just sang over everything so that plan kinda changed. I guess JONES Jnr. was an experiment that went horribly right. YES! Pumps fist*.

Your music style is smooth as fuck. Gospel Hip Hop isn’t a genre generally explored much. How does it feel like to be a somewhat pioneer in that genre in Australia?

Um… well I guess we haven’t really thought about till you mentioned it. Its kind of bizarre really, we never started out with a genre in mind. Morgs had a bunch of throwback soul-ish beats, and I just did whatever came out over them. Eventually, I guess we had a sound coming through, and well, it felt damn good to be writing positive tunes. Id never really sung any falsetto either, so when Morgs pushed me to give that a go, we went to town yo. But we’ve got some new music in the lab getting ready, so be prepared to hear some seriously ‘smooth as fuck’ jams coming out of this next bunch.

Your name reminds us of Roy Jones Jnr, is there any correlation with you and the famed boxer, and have you ever heard anyone make this connection before?

Well we needed a name for the project when we decided it wasn’t gonna be a DJ Morgs mixtape, and we’re both Jones’s, we started leaning towards that. I was playing Fight Night and Roy Jones Jr kicks ass in that, so somehow we just went with that. Again, it wasn’t really that thought out as we didn’t think anyone would even listen to the 1st soultape very much. But you are the first to raise the name similarity/association so go you! And if he ever asks, do whatever he wants man, he’s a bad ass mother fucker.

How has the reception been for your second mixtape The Soultape 2?

So far so good, man. We actually completely unintentionally released it on almost exactly the same day a year after the 1st one. So I thought “Oh thats why people are asking us for more music!” We listened to the people and put some longer songs on this one so it seems to have been making people happy. We’ve got some killer feedback from some really amazing and stupidly talented people so it feeling good.

How did the tour go with Fat Freddy’s Drop?

Being on the road with those boys was amazing. We did our first big run of shows ever to sold out massive theatre audiences so it was a pretty sweet start. It was a little nerve wracking knowing I had to sing before Dallas to a room full of people who were waiting to hear his voice. Also, the support slot can be really hard especially when no one knows who you are and why they’re listening to you. But we won them over every damn time, so each night was a little victory for us. Then we’d run to the merch desk and give out high fives, kisses and Soultape 2 hard copies, so it was like our campaign trail, man. So apart from touring with the biggest bunch of legends with the best stage/production crew and a killer sound system, we had a fucking ball and won the hearts of some fine ladies… I guess some dudes liked the music too.

Seeing as almost every rapper on the planet now has an ad-lib, from gangster rap to straight hip hop, who is your favourite, and will you ever get one?

Hmm, well we’ve decided to use our regular real life names in JONES Jnr. so it kinda discourages shit stage names that can lead to even shitter rapping. Thankfully, you will never see me trying to rap up there so you’re safe for now. But we’ll definitely be working with some in the future, Morgs and I have been stuck on ‘Acid Raps’ by Chance the Rapper since the day he put it out, so Im gonna put my vote towards him as the current favourite. Morgs nods in agreement (actually he’s not here but I know he would) 

Who are you listening to right now?

This is the part where people put in the super street cred, giving song or artist so everyone goes…Woah man, that dudes hip. But as Im writing this Im listening to ‘Enjoy Yourself’ by the Jacksons… It’s not really very good actually, but hey, you asked… Actually, there was just a sweet ass drum fill.

Whats the rest of 2013 have in stall for Jones Jnr?

We’re gonna be getting back into the studio this week and start writing for the next batch. We’re aiming to have some tunes out by summer so we can go and party with people and dance like crazies. We’ll be heading back to Melbs to play with Cody Chestnutt next month, so thats gonna be awesome. And we will be jumping on some more shows soon after that so keep your ears to the ground cuz there’s a pretty sweet one coming.

Lastly, what do you prefer? A burger, or a burrito?

Well, Im a bit of a chilli fiend so I would go for the burrito, but in reality I probably eat more burgers…. Can I swap my burger for some Ramen man?



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