Ways for Sci-Fi Fans to Enjoy Online Casino Games

The worlds of science fiction and games have long overlapped, with sci-fi themes constantly appearing in board games and video games. And as comic books, sci-fi, and fantasy become ever more popular and enter the mainstream, online casinos have come up with fantastic games focused on space and the future.

For instance, many of the top online casinos offer video slots which have tie-ins to popular sci-fi and comic book franchises. Star Trek and Marvel Comics are just two of the franchises which have their own slew of video slots. In addition to having symbols and graphics related to the theme, these games also feature live video clips from the shows or films, adding to the excitement for fans and players.

Beyond these state-of-the-art video slots, there are dozens of other traditional video slot titles centered around outer space and little green men. These have numerous themes ranging from space exploration to time machines to alien invasions.

One of the most popular of these games, Money Mad Martians, is about a group of adorable aliens who love cosmic cash. It features cute animations and sound to keep players interested, while offering bonus games and big payouts for serious players. And although it is slightly simpler than the dynamic franchise video slots, the payouts are better and winning is easier than with the flashy games that attract casino newbies.

If you at all enjoy space adventures, superheroes, mad scientists, or fantasy role-playing, you will feel right at home in today’s modern online casinos. And with sci-fi and casino game crossover so successful, there is no doubt that it will steadily continue to grow.


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